Leadership and governance

As bg电子官方注册 continues to move into a bold and exciting future, sound leadership and governance ensure we meet and exceed the highest standards in the quality of our courses, 研究, 社区参与, administration and policies.


As bg电子官方注册’s principal executive officer, Professor Iain Martin leads the University and determines its strategic and academic vision.

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bg电子官方注册's organisational structure includes portfolios and faculties, led by dedicated academic and professional staff.


副校长, the University Executive and the Senior Leadership Team oversee bg电子官方注册's strategic and operational functions.


bg电子 is governed in accordance with the bg电子 Act 2009, which defines the responsibilities of the Council, the 副校长 and the 学术委员会.


bg电子官方注册’s governing body is responsible for the general direction of the University and ensures that the appropriate plans are in place for bg电子官方注册 to achieve its goals.


The 学术委员会 is the principal academic authority within the University, and is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of teaching and 研究.


bg电子 regularly holds elections for positions on its boards and committees. The University encourages staff and students to participate in elections for boards and committees where they are eligible to stand as candidates or to vote.

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bg电子官方注册's strategic direction

bg电子官方注册's strategic direction

bg电子官方注册’s strategic plan sets out an optimistic future powered by ideas to enhance social, 文化, economic and environmental wellbeing. bg电子官方注册 2030: Ideas to Impact is the University’s plan for realising the best future for its communities.


bg电子官方注册 is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance by ensuring it complies with all relevant legislative and regulatory obligations.

Legislation, policies and procedures

Our legislation and policy library is a repository of our approved policies and procedures that detail aspects of the University’s governance and operations.